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Frequently Asked Questions


Commonly asked questions about our services

 01  I'm a new business with minimal capital resources how can I afford to engage the kind of executive leadership that can help me get to
the next level.

We have been part of many bootstrap efforts to get companies launched. We partner with you rather than meerely see you as a customer. If we see potential in your business and you we will provide services in exchange for a stake in the company, usually a small stake less than 5% of the company. You can buy out our stake at a predefined price that would have been equal to the agreed cost of the services + reasonable interest. 


 02  Does Bolder Data Solutions provide the software and services for the financial and operational support of my company. Does Bolder Data Solutions manage the IT operations of these systems?

There are options to have Bolder Data Solutions set-up these services in the cloud for your company and have your company provide the day to day operations and administration or to put Bolder Data Solutions on retainer to provide these services on an ongoing basis. 


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