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We help your ideas become reality. Everything from product planning, capital acquistion, marketing strategies, setting up administrative controls and web presence and social  media marketing, to business development and intial customer acquistion are in our scope. We have staff that has experience growing some of the industries titans to brand new endeavors in emerging markets. 

Strategic Planning


You have a passion, a vision of what your business, service ro product can be. We allow you to concentrate on that core business, but it cannot be built on a "house of cards". There should be a plan, data and research supporting that plan and operational systems as required. Your Big Ideas should be backed by Bolder Data.Solutions.



We will help you set-up your operations, financial systems, sales tracking systems, customer relationship management, and integrated cloud services. We can set this up and train your team for self maintenance or managed by Bolder Data Solutions.

Executive Coaching


Part of your goal should be to develop and attain the executive critical thinking, planning, communication and leadership skills so that your next idea or company will be even more successful and you will be able to assume even mor eof the leaderships skills required.

Have the Visibility into the Data Behind Your Business.


The business is your ideas, your passion, energy and relationships. You need visibility to your Business data to stay on track and grow.

Video Tutorials 
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Web Presence and Social Media Marketing


You want to focus on your business and talents, whether it be in music, food, designing new solutions for the world's problems. You don't need to be an expert on creating a website. Perhaps you need an intelligent mobile app. We can help.

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